Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 plus

Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 plus

Solvent-borne, film forming, translucent, exterior woodstain


Cetol Filter 7 plus is maximum durability, film forming, transparent, satin woodcare product based on alkyd resins with added UV filters for exterior use. Weather resistant and highly transparent, Cetol Filter 7 plus is a flexible coating which expands and contracts with the timber instead of forming a rigid shell on the surface. It contains powerful UV filters and is microporous.

  • Protects timber from sun, rain and freezing temperatures
  • Contains UV filters to protect timber from deterioration by sunlight
  • Repels water but allows water vapour to escape through the surface
  • Expands and contracts with the timber

Use: As a topcoat over Cetol HLSe on most types of timber. Common areas of use are joinery, fascia, gables, garage and front doors etc.

Application: Stir well. Do not thin. Apply at 90 microns wet to clean, dry, sound substrate. Brush application recommended.

Smooth planed timber: approx. 10 to 16m² per litre.
Rough sawn timber: approx. 6 to 8m² per litre

Number of Coats:
2-3 coats over bare timber primed with Sikkens Cetol HLSe
2 maintenance coats over Cetol Filter 7 plus.

NB: Filter 7 plus should not be applied directly to bare timber.

Drying Time:
16 hours

Clean Up:
Mineral Turps

Please note: Cetol Filter 7 plus is a film forming product and must be applied in a thick coat to achieve the required application standard.

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100ml, 1L, 5L, (20L Light Oak only)


Pine, Light Oak, Teak, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Antique Oak, Ebony, Silver Grey